Longtime Pharmaceutical Executive Bruce Eaton

bruceeatonA successful pharmaceutical executive with nearly 35 years of industry experience, Bruce Eaton serves as the president and chief executive officer of i2 Pharmaceuticals, Inc. In his leadership role with i2 Pharmaceuticals, he looks to expand the company’s intellectual property holdings, which include a broad range of early and late stage pharmaceutical assets. Through a series of strategic partnerships with industry-leading pharmaceutical companies, Bruce Eaton secures funding for i2 Pharmaceuticals and helps it to deliver hit discovery and lead optimization technology to clients.

Before launching his career in the pharmaceutical sector, Bruce Eaton received a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. As a graduate student at UC Berkeley, he served as a consultant to Hana Biologics, a public company involved in the development of serum free media and the creation of IVD products. During his time with the company, he helped develop synthesis procedures for compounds used to create monoclonal antibodies.

After completing his Ph.D., Bruce Eaton went on to become the vice president of chemistry at NexStar Pharmaceuticals, a public company formed by the merger of NeXagen and Vestar. As an officer with the company, he oversaw all chemistry operations, including small molecule discovery, GMP aptamer synthesis, contract research efforts, formulations, and new lipid chemistries. He also restructured the company’s chemistry research operations, a process that involved worldwide reorganization, layoffs, and recruitment.

Outside of his work in the pharmaceutical industry, Bruce Eaton is a board member with the Colorado Institute for Drug, Device, and Diagnostic Development (CID4). He also serves as a member of the scientific advisory board of PRAAN and as a board member of the Colorado BioSciences Association.